On Thu, 27 Oct 2005 09:58 pm, Manuel Mall wrote:
> While looking at building the fop distribution I noticed that the Ant
> project has switched (don't know when) from having ant.sh (for
> *nixes) and ant.bat (for Win) to ant (for *nixes) and ant.bat. This
> means the command to invoke the program is the same on Unix and
> Windows.
> Personally I like that change (never favored typing <command>.sh
> instead of just <command>) and suggest we make the same change for
> FOP. Also makes documentation simpler as the command line invocation
> is the same everywhere.
> +1 from me
This has been done now.

In the process I updated the fop script to match the latest ant script. 
I would appreciate if other committers working on *nixes could test the 
new script in their environments and fix or report any problems.

Also if anyone can test it under cygwin?

> Manuel



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