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Some more on this example:

Actually something like:
<fo:block background-color="yellow">word1<fo:character
character="&#10;"/><fo:character character=
" "/>word2<fo:character character=" "/>word3<fo:character
currently causes an exception!

I think I see the problem (don't know if you've seen it that way):

fop.fo.flow.Character overrides FONode.charIterator(), which returns a OneCharIterator over its own character. If remove() is called from within a RecursiveCharIterator for the surrounding block, the spaces surrounding the linefeed get recognized as discardable whitespace. The superclass throws an UnsupportedOperationException, because OneCharIterator doesn't have an implementation for remove(). This may be the reason the example didn't work properly.

The problem can be solved by a slight modification to OneCharIterator:
* add a constructor with Character parameter (and member)
* add a remove() implementation which makes Character's parent remove it from its list of child nodes

Tested locally (very quickly), and seems to work nicely. If I get the chance to commit it in the next few days, I'll do so myself, but if you want to have a go, it's a pretty easy fix (adds up to about 10-15 LOC incl. javadocs :-))



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