Simon Pepping wrote:
I mean, will our current method of finding possible line breaking
points using the hyphenation tables be part of a TR14 compliant system
to find line break opportunities?

In some sense yes, but I'm not sure what you really mean.

Currently, spaces and slashes ("/") as well as hyphenation points
are considered break opportunities. TR14 doesn't care about hyphenation
but expands significantly on the other points. For example, in the
string "foo-bar" the position after the dash is a break opportunity,
as people usually expect, but in -1234 the position after the dash
isn't a break opportunity, also as people usually expect. The TR
encodes as much of such expectations as is possible with a limited

A few places in TextLayoutManager which use BREAK_CHARS will have to
be changed, either keeping info from a previous scanning using a
BreakIterator or something, or looking up the line break Unicode
properties and looking up whether a break may occur in the
line-break matrix. Hyphenation points are generated elsewhere and
remain unaffected.


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