Jeremias Maerki wrote:

Last week, I've had some time to hack on my notebook. Fun stuff only. I've
finished a few things I started earlier and did some other things.
Here's a list of what I've done. Since some of them might be
controversial I want to give you a chance to object, just in case. So
here are the changes (almost) ready for committing on my notebook:

Hi Jeremias,

I have no comment for most of the items you mentioned. Generally they all sound good, except for one :)


- The command-line gets a new option: -out application/pdf myfile.pdf is
the generic way to create an output file. If someone created a WordXML
output handler and provided the right service resource file he could
specify "-out text/xml+msword out.xml". "-out list" lists all MIME types
that are available for output.

Are you saying that the -ps, -pdf, etc options are to be replaced by -out application/pdf, etc? If so, then I don't like that at all. It's much more convenient to just type -ps or -pdf.



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