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From: matthias reinert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: November 8, 2005 03:05:36 GMT+01:00

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The controlword "\ftnalt" lets Notes appear at the end of the document. I was surprised by "ftnallt" found in the code because I expected footnotes to be at the end of each page. So the controlword "ftnallt" appeared to me to be a
"double fault" unless it is intended to create endnotes for some other

By correcting the controlword to "ftnalt" FOP-RTF will produce "Endnotes"
which are shown at ~the bottom of~ the last page.

Interesting indeed, so that means that currently the RTFRenderer isn't compliant WRT footnotes, IIC? Does simply removing that controlword make the footnotes appear 'correctly' (on the current page if possible)?



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