Given the recent comments concerning the ESP POS renderer, it looks like
it would make sense to put certain renderers in a separate area. In
Barcode4J I have a "src/sandbox" area. Self-speaking, I guess. Also
taking the state that MIF, PCL and SVG output are in, it would be better
to move them there and make them optional until they are usable again.
With my changes to be committed the command-line could be adjusted to
only expose the output options that are available in the class loader
setup. No big deal in that. It would also help send the right signals to
our users. Some people might expect the PCL renderer to have the same
quality as in 0.20.5. But PCL support is simply not there right now.

I personally wouldn't call the area "unsupported" as Manuel suggested.
"sandbox" would send a better signal IMO. Furthermore, I don't like an
"incubator" area so much because that could be easily confused with the
Incubator project.

I can take care of the necessary moves/changes, if we can agree on a
course here. I hope we can get there fast, because I would really like
to push out this first preview release ASAP and within the next days and
because this is something that should be done prior to the release.

So what I would suggest:
- Create src/sandbox.
- Move the MIF, PCL and SVG output to src/sandbox.
- Adjust the build to create a fop-sandbox.jar which dynamically
registers the output formats when they are in the classpath.
- Add the ESC POS renderer to src/sandbox.


Jeremias Maerki

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