I believe the current behaviour is (almost) correct. First, you've
already found out yourself why the outer table border is correctly
positioned (due to margin="0pt"). Second, the 2.5pt gap is correct as is
described in fo:table:

"If the value of the "border-collapse" property is "separate" the border
is composed of two components. The first, which is placed with the
inside edge coincident with the outermost table grid boundary line, has
the width of half the value for the "border-separation" property. It is
filled in accordance with the "background" property of the fo:table.
Second, outside the outermost table grid boundary line is placed, for
each side of the table, a border based on a border specified on the

However, this 2.5pt gap is not applied in b-p-d, only in i-p-d. I'll
look into that.

It's interesting that CSS seems to say that the border-spacing is only
used between adjacent table-cells, not between the outer cells the
border's padding area. This looks like a contradiction. But then, the FO
spec takes precedence.

On 18.11.2005 12:37:32 Manuel Mall wrote:
> We have a testcase in the repository for the border-spacing / 
> border-separation properties which currently passes:
> table_border-collapse_separate_border-spacing.xml
> However, I think it shouldn't. Firstly the table borders on the 2nd 
> table are incorrectly positioned. But that's not the main point.
> It appears that fop trunk currently reserves border-spacing/2 on the 
> outside of cells adjacent to the table edges. After looking at the CSS2 
> spec and various examples I believe the full value of border-spacing 
> should be reserved along the edges. Example:
> <fo:table border-spacing="5pt 0pt">
>   <fo:table-row>
>       <fo:table-cell>...</
>       <fo:table-cell>...</
>   </fo:table-row>
> </fo:table>
> is currently rendered like:
> [2.5pt gap][cell data][5pt gap][cell data][2.5pt gap]
> while I think it should be:
> [5pt gap][cell data][5pt gap][cell data][5pt gap]
> What do others think?

Jeremias Maerki

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