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Hi all,

I have some other questions/remarks that don't directly concern this, but I ran into them while looking at this so... Anyway, not really pressing matters, just wondering.

Concerning FObjMixed class hierarchy, which looks like
  -> Block
  -> Marker
  -> RetrieveMarker
  -> BidiOverride
  -> Wrapper
  -> InlineLevel
       -> Leader
       -> Title
       -> Inline
            -> BasicLink

What is RetrieveMarker doing here? FObjMixed is a class meant for FOs that can also contain #PCDATA. Now, retrieve-marker should always be empty, so can't have *any* child nodes... (Note: Perhaps we should consider writing a custom superclass for FOs that are empty by definition (?))

Why does BasicLink descend from Inline, and not InlineLevel?

Looking at this (and the posted patch), it may be interesting to note that my current whitespace handling strategy treats all FObjMixed the same way, with the notable exception of Block. All the others are treated the same as inlines: no whitespace-collapsing with preceding or following space, leading and trailing spaces are at most collapsed to one space. (The exception being when the character preceding a given node is a linefeed...)



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