Hi Manuel,

> Just came across a scenario (AFP Renderer) where I need to support non
> scalable fonts. The current FOP trunk font system is not very good at
> this as it does font selection purely based on (name, style, weight).
> Does FOray font support non scalable fonts (raster / bitmap fonts)?

Theoretically yes, but this is not implemented.

> Is font size a possible font selection criteria in FOray?

Yes. When requesting a font, the size must always be

> Does FOray support adding new types of fonts, i.e. is its font support
> extensible?

Yes. FOrayFont was designed with extensibility in mind [1].

There are two main types of fonts in FOrayFont: system fonts
i.e., fonts registered by the Java awt system; and
free-standing fonts, which are directly handled by FOray and
for which a font file is available. For now the only
supported free-standing fonts are Type1 and TrueType fonts.
You typically need a third type of FreeStandingFont, a kind
of BitmapFont.

Victor will be more able than me to evaluate the feasibility
of such a thing. I suggest you subscribe to the
foray-developer mailing list [2] and ask your question

> How is the FOray font integration coming along? The reason behind this
> question is simply - do I waste my time in modifying the current FOP
> font system to somehow support non scalable fonts because FOray font is
> imminent and I better wait for it or is it a fair way (months) down the
> track and I have to find a workable intermediate solution for the
> problem at hand?

If all goes well, I should have a ready patch in 2 weeks. If
you want I can post an updated pre-patch on Bugzilla,
although I'm a bit ashamed of all the awful things I've put
in the code and that I must correct... But don't hesitate to


[1] http://foray.sourceforge.net/dev/font/planning.html
[2] http://sourceforge.net/mail/?group_id=109663

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