Here is some more feedback from a long time FOP user.

I am ABSOLUTELY THRILLED by the new release.
I have used it to create a number of PDF documents from Docbook/XML sources
and the results are excellent!    Thanks a million for this.

While I don't agree that lack of automated table layout is a deal breaker,
I do agree that it is probably the *most* *important* feature yet to be implemented,
especially for new users.

Since the auto table layout handling is based on the rules for CSS (and says so in the spec), it seems a shame there isn't a reusable library somewhere for this. Since lack of auto-table layout is a FAQ, (or FEC frequently expressed complaint?) it might be a good idea to post some XSLT workarounds. For example, you might simply divide the available space by the number of columns, or you might somehow
grab the longest string, multiply times the m-width, and use that, or...

Obviously it gets very complicated, which is why it isn't implemented yet :-) but I suspect several people like myself have written various workarounds in XSLT which could be
posted on a wiki page or in a FAQ somewhere.  Just a thought...



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