2.  When  rendering  MathML  we  used  awt.Font  class,  which  is not
accessible  on the Unix boxes without X-server installed. The awt.Font
class  is  used  to get font size for proper position of the upper and
lower  indexes  and  so on. Are there any chance, that we could re-use
Fop generated metrics? Where we could start look at that?

In FOP Trunk, the "fonts" package. Everything's there.

However, currently Vincent Hennebert works on integrating the font
subsystem from FOray which will be a little different. It may make sense
not to rush into anything too quickly here. Vincent implied that it
wouldn't take too long until he has something ready if I remember

Right. My patch should be available in a few days now.

You may start to have a look at the aXSL web page [1], and especially
the axslFont module. This is the interface that will be available to
users of the font sub-system. I suggest you download aXSL through the
CVS repository and just build the javadoc to see what will be available
to you (the most important interfaces are Font and FontUse).

If you decide to look at aXSL and have any questions, please ask them on
the aXSL mailing-list [2], which will be more appropriate than this

I'm glad to see that MathML support is coming along.
Thank you,

[1] http://www.axsl.org
[2] http://sourceforge.net/mail/?group_id=123259

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