Yes, you are right. I'm quite surprised by myself.
I will try to fix this the next few days.

But while playing with the rtf code i noticed following behaviour (Word2000
If i write "\picscalex75 \picscaley75 \picwgoal1500 \pichgoal900" i get an
image width of about 2cm in Word2000 (as expected), but when i write
"\picscalex100 \picscaley100 \picwgoal1125 \pichgoal675" it's larger.

Can anybody explain this?

Kind regards,
Peter Herweg

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Auftrag von Jeremias Maerki
Gesendet: Montag, 12. Dezember 2005 17:51
Betreff: RTF: Size of images incorrect?

(Mostly for Peter Herweg, I guess)

I tried to implement SVG support for RTF output by converting the SVG
images through Batik's JPEGTranscoder to a JPEG. That part was easy and
done in 10 minutes. However, I noticed that all images are currently
painted much too small in MS Word Viewer 2003 and OpenOffice 2.0.

In RTFHandler, the image size is set in points. However, it looks like
RtfExternalGraphic just ignores the "pt" at the end of the string. It
only looks for percentages. Otherwise, it calculates with twips
internally (1 twip = 1/20 pt). IMO, "picscalex" and "picscaley" should
always be 100 and picwgoal and pichgoal should be set to the right
dimension in twips, i.e. convert to twips already in the RTFHandler to
keep the RTF library FOP-independant.

Any ideas? Can anybody confirm that I'm not seeing ghosts here? :-)

Jeremias Maerki

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