Please note, that this change breaks any external XMLHandler

What I forgot to mention in the commit message is that I reinstalled the
text stroking switch for PDF and PS output. Though the text bridges do a
fine job nowadays, I prefer to have the comfort of an additional
fallback should all things go boom.

On 16.12.2005 15:40:54 jeremias wrote:
> Author: jeremias
> Date: Fri Dec 16 06:40:20 2005
> New Revision: 357166
> URL:
> Log:
> XMLHandler interface changed so it reports whether it supports a particular 
> Renderer instead of reporting the MIME type. One MIME type could be 
> implemented by multiple Renderer implementations so conflicts could occur. 
> Almost all XMLHandler implementations will have a dependency on a particular 
> Renderer implementation.
> XMLHandlers are now configurable.
> Standard XMLHandlers now get registered through service lookup.
> Simplification: XMLHandlers don't need nested classes for the handling 
> functionality anymore. If Batik, for example, is not in the classpath it will 
> already be detected while registering the XMLHandlers.
> The RendererContextConstants interface now standardizes some of the keys used 
> in the RendererContext and helps with actually decoupling the XMLHandler 
> implementations from the renderers. This is one step towards making Batik an 
> optional dependency and making it possible to move the SVG functionality to a 
> separate place later.
> Extracted the SVG XMLHandler functionality from the sandbox SVGRenderer into 
> a separate class following the example of the other renderers.
> Bugfix in PSSVGHandler: Fixed a copy/paste error which could lead to wrong 
> clipping of an SVG image for PostScript output.

Jeremias Maerki

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