8 +1, no other votes. 7 out of 8 PMC members voted. The vote passes.
Apache FOP 0.91beta can be released.

On 20.12.2005 11:43:29 Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> I like Simon's proposal of calling the new release 0.91beta. The
> increase in the version number shows progress towards 1.0 and "beta"
> gives an indicator about stability. FOP is certainly more stable and
> usable now than an "alpha" level software. On the other side it is not
> quite ready for production in every situation. Some important things
> like a stable API are also not achieved, yet.
> So, I branched Trunk into the "fop-0_91" branch. The legal situation is
> unchanged since the last release. Everything should be in order. The
> code is quite stable and has received a good number of bugfixes and only
> a few new features.
> I'd like to call for a PMC vote to release FOP 0.91beta from this newly
> created branch. (Votes to [EMAIL PROTECTED], please)

Jeremias Maerki

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