On Dec 30, 2005, at 16:50, Manuel Mall wrote:

On Fri, 30 Dec 2005 11:25 pm, Andreas L Delmelle wrote:
Not really. Just had to draw a line somewhere... If you do it for the
last inline in a block, then you would also have to do it for the
last inline of the last inline of a block etc. Besides, you get a
second pass anyway, when the line is built. All the trailing space-
glyph-areas could be removed there (but they currently aren't anyway,
depending on text-alignment).

I am still not sure if this is not a step backwards.  Before the model
was: All whitespace handling apart from dealing with whitespace around
FOP generated linebreaks is done during the initial refinement.

Now this is not really the case any more and the line breaking stuff
would have to deal with treating whitespace in other places than around
its own generated linebreaks as well. I was hoping we could get rid of
the trailing paragraph space removal code in the line breaking
algorithm as it is one of those areas causing trouble again and again.

Trailing spaces in a paragraph: yes, absolutely, which is why the trailing whitespace in any block is removed there (albeit only whitespace characters that are direct descendants of the block).

Trailing spaces in a line: now *this* is where currently most of the tests fail. Trailing spaces are discarded only when you force text- align to justify (for example).

Point is: if trailing spaces in a line are correctly suppressed during line-building, the trailing spaces in the last inline of a given block would be removed in that step (no matter at what depth the inline is nested).



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