siarom egrub wrote:

Hi All!

I am having an enormous problematic time trying to get
fo:marker and fo:retrieve-marker to work correctly in
some tables that continued to a second page. I have
reviewed several examples and it still doesn’t click.
Maybe too much holiday time off!
The "(Continued)" text is displaying on the first
occurrence of the table title as well as the second.
It should only be displayed on the second occurrence.
I have included the XSL snippet below.

I really appreciate any help in you can offer. Thanks
in advance for your help!

It's difficult to see what is wrong from the small snippet you posted. Although I don't see a table in the flow, only in static content? To achieve what you ask for, I suggest that you set the marker in every row in the table within the flow. The value in the first row should be kept blank, and then every subsequent marker value should be "(Continued)" Make sure you use retrieve-boundary="page" and retrieve-position="first-starting-within-page" to retrieve the marker in static content


BTW, this question should really have been posted to the fop-user list. The fop-dev list is for discussing FOP's Java internals.


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