On Fri, 6 Jan 2006 04:56 am, Andreas L Delmelle wrote:
> On Jan 5, 2006, at 18:48, Andreas L Delmelle wrote:
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> To summarize this thread (it has taken long enough :-))
> I thought it over a bit more, and what I'm currently working on (and
> will most likely finish during the weekend) is the following:
> 1) Basically keep the algorithm the way I recently altered it, but
> containing some additional processing for trailing inline FOs that
> end with a sequence of white-space. Determining this last bit is easy
> enough, since it just means that XMLWhiteSpaceHandler.inWhiteSpace
> will be false after handleWhiteSpace(). At the end of the block, we
> will do one more pass over all those trailing inlines, if any.
> IMO, in the vast majority of use-cases there will be either zero, one
> or at most two of those, but theoretically this could be any
> number... If there are any, then if white-space-collapse has the
> default value of "true" there will be only one trailing white-space
> character left at that point, so this additional bit of processing
> will cost virtually nothing.
> 2) Simplify the CharIterator structure, in the sense that we'll still
> only need an iterator over FOText and Characters. Unless layout needs
> access to the iterators, I think charIterator() can be pushed down to
> be specific to FObjMixed, and then the overrides of this method can
> be removed from all other FOs apart from FOText and Character. For
> 1), it could turn out handy if I add the possibility to iterate
> backwards until the last non-white-space is encountered...
> 3) Exclude markers (and their descendants) from white-space handling
> during refinement, for the mentioned reasons:
>    * retrieve-marker's ancestor's white-space properties govern the
> treatment in this case
>    * possibly page-break context is needed when dealing with
> alternating static-contents
>    * retrieve-markers with retrieve-boundary="document"
> 3) of course means the recently enabled marker_bug.xml testcase will
> have to be disabled again until we find a way to tackle this in
> layout. I had thought of using XMLWhiteSpaceHandler itself for this,
> but the tricky part is that, once a Marker (and its descendants) have
> been white-space-treated, the stripped white-space is permanently
> gone, and since that same Marker can again be retrieved in a
> different context etc.
> [end-of-thread, I hope ;-)]

Thanks for the summary and yes I think we are at the end of this one.

Personally I would not do 3) at this point in time, that is I would not 
exclude markers from the whitespace refinement. IMO the whitespace 
handling properties will have their default values (or matching values 
in the marker and retrieve-marker contexts) most of the time and 
therefore the current handling produces better results more often than 
by reverting that part of the patch. But this is a judgement call and I 
am not really fussed. There is a testcase which shows how it fails when 
the properties are not matching and this should suffice to document the 

> Cheers,
> Andreas


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