How to get results from (or how to run) testcases?

I followed http:///xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop -> Development ->
Test -> Testing (Section Layout Engine Testing) -> Wiki page ->
How do I run them?

I altered two test in my svn-tree 

block_basic_1.xml: line 41:
from: <eval expected="0 0 360000 360000"
to:   <eval expected="0xxx 0 360000 360000"

and block_break-after.xml: line 51:
from: <eval expected="1"
to:   <eval expected="100"

also in a way they should/must fail.

Then i run according to the wiki page:
ant junit
ant junit-layout
ant junit-layout-standard
and the same again after a 
ant clean

but cannot see any effect. The build again results in 
a BUILD SUCCESSFUL and besides one warning nothing special.

What have i missed?


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