On 02.02.2006 13:23:37 Manuel Mall wrote:
> > What about using the UnresolvedElements? Just as per the block-level
> > space resolution, each inlineLM could append at the beginning and at
> > the end of its element list an UnresolvedElement storing its border,
> > padding and spacing information.
> >
> > Before performing the line breaking, when all UnresolvedElements are
> > known, their information can be combined to create the actual
> > elements.
> >
> I don't know anything about the UnresolvedElements as I so far have not 
> studied the block level LMs. But this reminds about another requirement 
> we may need to consider: Proper conditional start/end space resolution. 
> This is currently not done. I don't think we even have testcases for 
> it. When Jeremias did the block level before/after stuff the idea was 
> that may be we can port this to the inline LMs for the start/end space 
> resolution.

Yes, I'm pretty sure that it's going to be easy to reuse most of the
code I wrote for vertical space-resolution for horizontal s-r, too.
After all, the rules are the same and they are isolated into one class.
The only thing that may present a problem is the more complex nature of
inline element sequences.

If you can build on the UnresolvedElements to solve additional problem,
even better.


Jeremias Maerki

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