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Just to clarify - there's a border property on the 'table'.
That doesn't count for inherit? I can't specify a border on
'table-body' because with border-collapse="separate" FOP
reports "borders cannot be specified on a fo:table-body".

Grr... :-) Well, that message is actually more of a warning, I guess. It's not prohibited to do so --maybe this warning should just be put in different terms-- but nothing is done with them at the level of the table-body. They are OTOH available on the body's property-list, so inheritance should still work --if it is an inherited property. Unfortunately, borders are not inherited by default.

But this:

<fo:table border-collapse="separate">
  <fo:table-column .../>
  <fo:table-body border="...">
    <fo:table-cell starts-row="true" border="inherit">

Is definitely legal AFAICT. The table-cell will receive the values *specified* on the parent, while the border property is not *applicable* to the table-body itself in this situation.



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