On Feb 20, 2006, at 12:19, Chris Bowditch wrote:

Jeremias Maerki wrote:

FOP should also stop to complain about certain foreign elements. The
complaints are fine as a debugging aid, for example if someone makes a mistake with the namespace URI or the name of an element in a particular namespace. Here's where I got the idea that we could provide for a list of namespace URIs which are simply silently ignored (instead of having to write a FOP extension for each namespace). If someone has a reference to a namespace URI in his documents that FOP doesn't know about he could
add that namespace URI to that list and FOP will fall silent over it.
The same list could be used for handling foreign attributes. This way
you still get important feedback if you've done anything wrong, but can
tell FOP to shut up where necessary.

Good idea, I like the idea of the ignore-namespace list.

I second that.

Nils' initial patch still seems valid/worthwhile though (even if it looks more like a quick fix) The whole property subsystem should in essence only be concerned about attributes in the FO namespace. The proposed location seems like the ideal spot to filter these out and, for the future, add any non-FO attributes to an 'extension property list' that could be passed entirely to somewhere else...



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