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On 27.02.2006 16:25:03 Manuel Mall wrote:
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You are confusing me: Further above you said that
"suppress-at-line-break" cannot be specified on a fo:block but now you
seem to say it can, it just does not apply. Why is 5.1.4 saying
"inheritable properties can be placed on any formatting object" when
according to your interpretation any property (be it inheritable or
not) can be placed on any object.

Sorry, wasn't my intention. I'm still adjusting to the fact that I was
under a different belief earlier.

XSL-FO, Page 4 (PDF, bottom) says: "Although every formatting property
may be specified on every formatting object, for each formatting object class, only a subset of the formatting properties are used to determine the traits for objects of that class." That's what I was missing earlier. That's also why there probably is no official XML Schema for XSL- FO. :-)

Yep, and to add to all the fun there's some interesting side-effects related to this. I think I already mentioned this one on fop-users some time ago... Take, for instance:

  <fo:inline white-space-treatment="preserve">

Since white-space-treatment is an inherited property, but does not apply to an fo:inline, the specified value of "preserve" will only govern white-space-handling for the inner fo:block. The fo:inline itself uses the value inherited from the outer fo:block.

This holds for all inherited properties, I guess...



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