On Sat, Feb 25, 2006 at 05:58:17PM +0100, Andreas L Delmelle wrote:
> On Feb 25, 2006, at 17:41, Andreas L Delmelle wrote:
> >On Feb 25, 2006, at 11:34, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
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> >>URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewcvs?rev=380918&view=rev
> >>Log:
> >>Linefeed treatment and white space collapse are not performed on
> >>fo:title. A test case to document this.
> >
> >I think I see the problem WRT refinement white-space handling.
> >
> >The XMLWhiteSpaceHandler uses as a basis the white-space related  
> >properties that govern the white-space handling of the surrounding  
> >block. In case of an fo:title, there is no surrounding block, so ...
> >To make it even more fun, the properties in question do not apply  
> >to an fo:title. :-)

I had not thought of that aspect. Indeed, the properties
linefeed-treatment and white-space-collapse can only be set on
fo:block. But since linefeeds have to be treated and white space has
to be collapsed or not even in fo:title, some policy is applicable. Is
it the default policy of linefeed-treatment="treat-as-space" and
white-space-collapse="true"? I would think so.

It is not terribly important. Maybe we should let it rest, following
the spec.


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