Simon Pepping wrote:
It aims to be _the_ Java access library to Unicode. As FOP becomes
more Unicode aware, can we do without it? Perhaps it also has anything
on UAX#14, line breaking?

It has the tables, but not the algorithm.

Java has already the BreakIterator as algorithm implementation, but
no direct access to the line breaking properties itself, which thwarts
attempts to have an alternative implementation based on already
available data :-(
Same for BIDI :-(, although Java's interface to the BIDI related
algorithms are better than the BreakIterator attempt, fortunately.

Is there a way to make it an optional extension to java's Unicode
support, to be installed by those users who want to use Unicode
features in FOP that go beyond the ordinary? Most such users may
already have it installed.

I'd go for a pluggable "algorithm providers", as already proposed
several times for various purposes. Algorithms based on ICU presence
could be preferred, while falling back to a more crude implementation
if ICU is not presend.

BTW ICU has lots of other interesting features relevant for I18N,
look for example at the calender section or the number formatting.


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