Jeremias Maerki wrote:

> The recommendation states that "The algorithm for resolving the adjusted > values between word spacing and letter spacing is User Agent dependent." > (7.17.2 in the candidate recommendation), so I think this is not a wrong > behaviour: it just assumes that word spaces have a higher precedence than > letter spaces.

No, actually in both cases the precedence is "force" so all spaces
survive the resolution process.

So, just to check I understood:

- according to the pdf specifications between two words there is
  1 word space + 2 letter spaces

- according to the xsl recommendation there is
  1 word space + 1 letter space (or better, two half letter spaces)

- fop currently puts just a word space

Is this correct?

But I still don't understand what the words concerning "adjusted values between word spacing and letter spacing" are supposed to mean ...

However, while I was out for a few hours I was thinking about this and I came to the conclusion that it may make sense to keep an array of character offsets as an attribute of a WordArea in the area tree.

It would probably be the best way to deal with kerning too.

My only concern is about the resulting pdf size: if we specify an offset for each character, wouldn't it become (at least) twice as big as before?


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