Great, I will start updating PDFBox to use the FOrayFont, I believe this will go pretty smoothly because FOrayFont is already being used for PDF creation. More details on the FOray list.

We have had some recent discussions about supported JRE's, from the main page of FOray[1] it says that 1.4 is used. There is a desire among the FOP developers to maintain compatibility with 1.3. Do you know if FOrayFont compatible with 1.3?

Actually I haven't taken care of this issue yet. I'm hoping that it
won't be too difficult to make it 1.3-compliant, we only use basic
classes of the standard library. My goal is to first have it accepted in
Fop, and then do what is necessary to achieve 1.3 compliance (actually,
if someone else would volounteer to take care of that last step, even
better ;-) )


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