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Hi Will,

Is there a way to suppress the ExternalGraphicException text that
renders inside an RTF document?  Such that the document would be
rendered but exclude the text:
$ExternalGraphicException: The tag <fo:external-graphic> does not
support gif - image type." (as well as the GIF image, of course)

I'm afraid it's hard-coded, but if you don't mind altering the class
itself, and then rebuild FOP, easy.
Just change the class in question's writeRtfContent() method, and
make that catch block a NOP. Should work nicely.
But where's the error message? RTF-output does not produce any errors, that it's not able to insert the image...the better way would be, to transform all the GIFs to PNGs. I use docbook to create documents, so there's no need for me to write XSL-FO (it's also easy to include into any Java-application, just use the docbook-stylesheets and DTDs) AND it's possible to specify different media types for different rendering systems (GIF for HTML, PNG for FO or RTF-FO). So you see the image, too

Hey, if you wanna have a go at converting GIFs to PNGs on-the-fly, then by all means, go ahead. The community will be grateful. :)

The OP asked how he could turn it off, hence my answer.



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