Jeremias Maerki wrote:

We need to finish the API discussion once and for all, especially since
we need to get another release out of the door soon. I'm happy with the
API as described in [1] and implemented in the Temp_API_Finalization
branch, except for one item handled separately below. Thanks to Simon
for cleaning up the branch and rewriting the examples.

1. I'd like to propose merging back the Temp_API_Finalization branch
back into Trunk.

+1 from me (I can do the actual merge)


2. This is somewhat detached from point 1 above, so I put it in a second
item. Jess Holle asked in [2][3] to leave the existing Fop constructors
intact. ATM, only one is deprecated. In D8 in [1], I proposed to
deprecate all Fop constructors.

I thought some more about this and I'm for drawing a clean line. So:


+1 from me for deprecating all Fop constructors, even if it means that
some people have to adjust their code. After all, we're still on
beta-level and have clearly indicated that the API isn't stable, yet.

yes I agree and I have to change my code so I'm not biased!

Removing the reflection code from Jess' example, it looks like this:

    Fop fop = new Fop("application/pdf");
    DefaultHandler defaultHandler = fop.getDefaultHandler();

With the revised API, this will need to be changed to this:

    Fop fop = FopFactory.newInstance().newFop("application/pdf", out);
    DefaultHandler defaultHandler = fop.getDefaultHandler();

Simon's deprecating setOutputStream() gives me the impression that he'd
be in favor of that, too, but obviously I can't speak for him. But it
points in the same direction.

Whats the proposed replacement for setOutputStream() before I decide on my vote here? (The Wiki shows examples with it in)


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