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Hi Walter,

First of all: Thanks for diving into this!



Actually it doesn't work that way. Returning Integer.MAX_VALUE in EnumLength.getValue fails, resulting in a ridiculous long PDF page. The length is off by 10000000. Returning some "huge" number instead like 10000000 but not Integer.MAX_VALUE works however. Don't know why, but I suspect that there is some Integer overflow somewhere.

I'm not sure if PageSequenceLayoutManager.PageBreaker.finishPart is the right place to change the page size so tried a different approach leaving PageSequenceLayoutManager.PageBreaker.finishPart unchanged.
<snip />
works neatly, even with Integer.MAX_VALUE. However I don't like this "manual" height recalculation too much.

That's precisely why we (actually Luca Furini) thought it belonged in finishPart(), since there you have the height of the content after layout without any hassle: you know that initially, the page-size will be Integer.MAX_VALUE. The accumulated content-height is, if I recall correctly, PageBreakPosition.difference...

Additional to dos / questions:

fo:region-body margin-bottom="1in" doesn't work yet
The after region has to be adjusted, otherwise it doesn't appear. How to do that?

Only the offset of the regionViewport in question needs to be altered
(decrease by Integer.MAX_VALUE - PBP.difference? Something like that...?)

Unfortunately, I don't have too much time right now. I'll look into it in more detail, probably some time during the weekend.



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