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29/03/2006 03:51 PM

Re: FOP - convert FO to RTF footer table height is out of proportion

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On 29.03.2006 01:03:37 Van_Le_Hoa wrote:
> . Hi,
> I am trying to test the conversion FO to RTF using FOP 0.91 beta. I
> carried the test as below:
> Create a document in RTF using Ms Word.
> Convert RTF document to XSL-FO using RTF2FO using JFO.
> Convert XSL-FO document to RTF using FOP 0.91 beta.
> I have found a bug in the document footer.
> The footer contains a table field. After the conversion from XSL-FO to
> RTF,
> the height is set to same size as the page size plus one line.
> When add a new line to the page, this will automatic create a new soft
> page break.
> I attached the copy of original RTF,  FO and output RTF.
> Search through output RTF and found under the footer section,
> {\footer
> {\ri0 \li0 {
> {\trowd \trleft0 \trrh16120
> and the page height is
>  \paperh16840
> Can you kindly let me know any way to overcome this problem.
> A lot of appreciate.
> Kindly Regards,
> Van Hoa LE.
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