Sure. One of my client has a fixed-size box (defined by a
block-container) whose contents should distribute vertically in the
available vertical area. The amount of content in that box can differ
from document to document. The best solution I see (besides the
proprietary "fill" on display-align and your equally proprietary
overflow="shrink-to-fit") is to specify rather large space-before and
space-after values but allowing for shrink (space-after.minimum="0pt").
If block-container is interpreted as not generating more than one box as
specified by the b-p-d and i-p-d properties, you can use that approach
to adjust the spacing with existing means because you can "suggest" to
the breaker that only one part/line/page should be produced. However, as
many will remember, there are certain uncertainties concerning the
interpretation of block-container: "The fo:block-container formatting
object generates one or more viewport/reference pairs."

On 20.04.2006 16:17:12 Chris Bowditch wrote:
> Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> > I've done a local hack that tries to squeeze all content of a
> > block-container into the available area if that's possible based on the
> > available "shrink". I've done this by modifying
> > PageBreakingAlgorithm.computeDemerits():
> Can you take a step back and say what business problem you are trying to 
> solve here. AFAICT there is no overflow="shrink-to-fit" property value, 
> although I can imagine it might be a useful extension :)
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> Thanks,
> Chris

Jeremias Maerki

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