Hi all,

The FOP team is very proud to present the third release off the trunk: FOP 0.92beta.

It can be downloaded at:

FOP 0.92 contains a considerable amount of improvements, bugfixes and new features in comparison with last December's 0.91 release, so you're all probably wondering: Why *still* consider it a beta release?

The main reason for this is a fundamental modification in the API, which was motivated by the fact that a lot of resources could be reused for multiple rendering runs. It has, of course, all been rigorously tested, but still we'd very much appreciate any feedback, especially if one of you feels there is room for improvement, be it in the area of performance or user-friendliness. Every one of your comments will be carefully weighed and taken into consideration.

Due to this change, we urge you to check out the following page before starting to work with the new release: http:// xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/0.92/embedding.html

If all proceeds as planned, the next release will --finally, after some 3 years-- lose the beta-tag, since a lot of feedback and our own experiences now tell us this piece of software is ready for production environments.

OTOH, if you take a look at the release notes at http:// xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/relnotes.html, you will still see a lot of open/known issues, so...

As always, code-heads are encouraged to download the sources, and start tinkering with it. Your ideas, good or bad, will be very very welcome. If you have a lot of free time and feel like joining us, all the better! ;)

See you all soon on fop-users and/or fop-dev --hopefully :)

May you all enjoy this release even more than the last one!


Andreas Delmelle (for the Apache XML FOP development team)

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