Dear FOP-dev group.

Firstly would just like to say that the current work being done on FOP is fantastic. I've been able to use it in all manor of places from help guides to dynamic content creation using Cocoon. :)

I've done some more testing and the results seem to lean towards ( I suspect) the page layout engine. Different renderers like print, TIFF and SVG are showing the same problem as stated in the report.

Could the problem be that when a fo:block is set to span='all' and the block flows over to the next page its span="all" attribute setting is lost? Its holds the width correctly (span all width) but the columns are reset back to the default page layout. It happens when 2,3,4,etc columns are set.

A workaround, I made each original row into a single table, so that the FO was just a table after table in the same block. It still had issues like above. I then put each table in to its own span all block interleaved with a <fo:block>&#x200b</fo:block> , a zero width space. This produced the results I needed. Haven't tested what would happen if a single row spanned 2 or more pages.

Does this make sense? Is this a bug like I thought?


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