The bug is fixed now. The span handling code only detected span changes
but did not react properly on page breaks inside spanned sections.

On 07.05.2006 06:17:15 Adam wrote:
> Dear FOP-dev group.
> Firstly would just like to say that the current work being done on FOP 
> is fantastic. I've been able to use it in all manor of places from help 
> guides to dynamic content creation using Cocoon. :)
> Re:
> I've done some more testing and the results seem to lean towards ( I 
> suspect) the page layout engine. Different renderers like print, TIFF 
> and SVG are showing the same problem as stated in the report.
> Could the problem be that when a fo:block is set to span='all' and the 
> block flows over to the next page its span="all" attribute setting is 
> lost? Its holds the width correctly (span all width) but the columns are 
> reset back to the default page layout. It happens when 2,3,4,etc columns 
> are set.
> A workaround,  I made each original row into a single table, so that the 
> FO was just a table after table in the same block. It still had issues 
> like above. I then put each table in to its own span all block 
> interleaved with a <fo:block>&#x200b</fo:block> , a zero width space. 
> This produced the results I needed. Haven't tested what would happen if 
> a single row spanned 2 or more pages.
> Does this make sense? Is this a bug like I thought?
> Regards
> Adam

Jeremias Maerki

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