Always good to hear when someone wants to contribute. TrueType support
for AFP will certainly be handy.

I can't give you technical advice on the AFP stuff because I'm only
a newbie there. But from the procedural point of view:
- If you send new files or if the patch is substantial we will require
you to fax a signed contributor license agreement [1] to the ASF's


On 08.05.2006 19:04:43 KeithHarris wrote:
> Works a treat. Thanks very much.
> Back to dev matters - I see from some of the AFP docs that a couple of years
> ago they started supporting TrueType fonts (even with the option to embed
> the font data in the output file and UTF-16 instead of old EBCDIC). From
> looking through the sandbox code I'm assuming this isn't supported yet by
> the renderer. Any thoughts on this / advice for me if I was going to have a
> bash at contributing something along these lines?

Jeremias Maerki

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