That's a fair comment. Still, you have to deal with ODF's ZIP-based
container, multiple output files and resources. You won't get around
writing some helper code around the XSLT. The other question is whether
you can handle all the FO tree features (like inheritance) easily in

Any interest on your side to look into this?

On 31.05.2006 21:17:26 Stefan Ziel wrote:
> hi folks,
> creating an Output Handler for OASIS OpenDocument, as mentioned in the 
> "wish list" donĀ“t seem to make much sense, as XSL:FO can easily be 
> converted to OpenDocument using a XSLT style sheet. without doing all 
> that rendering in between ;)
> best regards
> stefan ziel
> clan informatica do brasil

Jeremias Maerki

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