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> +    * it won't be possible to benefit from the fact that a paragraph may 
> also be typeset one line shorter to avoid an orphan, for example.

Yes, it is possible. See Luca's Wiki page on LayoutExtensions,
http://wiki.apache.org/xmlgraphics-fop/LayoutExtensions, section
'Elastic paragraphs'. That is why a LineLM creates a
LayoutPossibilities list, which currently always contains only one

> +      * orphans/widows properties; but contrary to TeX, in XSL-FO it is only 
> possible to define the number of orphans/widows, not a penalty associated to 
> them.

In my opinion this is user agent dependent, and therefore FOP can make
it user configurable in a configuration file. The same is true of the
other parameters of the line and page breaking algorithms.

> +  * BTW, is there in XSL-FO a way of determining if the document is single- 
> or double-sided?

At best one can check if there are separate page masters in use for
odd and even pages.

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