> Hi All,
> Good news: before-floats are working. There probably are bugs and place
> for improvement but I think it is time to submit a first patch, so that
> you may see what I've done.
> I'm currently cleaning up and documenting my code, and I think the
> handling of the activeLines array may be simplified: currently, for a
> line l, activeLines[2*l] points to the first active node for this line,
> and activeLines[2*l+1] points to the last node. But the last node is
> never directly accessed, only by starting at the first one and following
> the links.

Perhaps I misunderstand your question, but I think the last active node
in a line is used when adding yet another active node for that line at
the end of the linked list. In BreakingAlgorithm:addNode():

    activeLines[headIdx + 1].next = node;

Ah yes, I get it now, thanks Finn. In fact this is to have the insertion
of a new node in constant time. Grrr, should have found it out by

On the other hand, a different data structure of nodes might very well
open up different improvement. The current structure of using a linked
list for each line, is just the best I could come up with at the time.

I think the structure is fine; I was about to propose to just switch to
Java Collections, as Simon said he did in his implementation, but I
think I'll leave it as is for now. As Simon's work will probably be
eventually integrated, this will be an opportunity of refactoring (BTW,
your work may help me implement side-floats; I'll have a closer look at
it once I'm done with before-floats).


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