On Aug 24, 2006, at 15:08, Chris Bowditch wrote:

Hi Chris,

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Well I'm not sure if its one of your recent changes thats to blame, but I've just noticed that simple tables (test file attached) appear to be issuing a SEVERE message to the log, i.e.

24-Aug-2006 14:04:41 org.apache.fop.datatypes.LengthBase getBaseLength
SEVERE: getBaseLength called without context

Just checked this, and it seems that this has to do with the percentage ipd. Somehow, propertyList.get().getLengthRange() tries to resolve the percentage at that point, but does not have any context yet to do so...

I'll look a bit deeper into it. See if we can avoid the error message somehow. This could have been there for quite some time. The percentage resolution is attempted again during layout, and won't give an error message there, because the context is available. So the tests would pass.



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