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> Hi all,
> My 2 cents, as I don't have a detailed understanding yet of all the
> issues raised here.
> Globally we agree that the line- and page-breaking algorithm should be
> modified to exchange some information. Now I have the feeling that
> backtracking is actually not necessary.
> I've put some words about that in my GSoC wiki page about side-floats.
> There are also Simon's comments in a preceding thread [1]. Line-breaking
> could be somehow driven by page-breaking, both being done in the same
> time. At each iteration of line-breaking, the currently considered page
> context may be passed to the line-breaking algorithm; roughly:

Your sketch of the procedure is very close to my ideas. It so happens
that I worked on them during this week. I just published my notes on
the Wiki.

> We could, each time a feasible page break is found, record it only if
> its demerits are lower than those of the currently recorded page break
> for the same number of pages (page-level best-fit). We could also do
> that for paragraphs (line-level best-fit, for very simple documents).

This is an interesting observation. It should also be possible to do
the same after a certain number of pages, e.g. 5. This allows us to
make intermediate strategies available between first-fit and
total-fit. I have not yet read all of Andreas' notes, but if I
understand correctly, he is also working on means to make such a
choice available.

Regards, Simon

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