I've created a project on sourceforge to generate pdf reports from JUnit tests.

It's called JUnit PDF Report, an can be found here:

It uses FOP to render the JUnit XML docs into a PDF.

Regards, Jan

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Subject: Newbie question on Area Tree XML and testcases


I'm trying a little bit understand FOP dev. internals and please correct me
if I wrong. When I run Junit layout testcase - it generates me under
test-results some XML file in form of Area Tree XML, from which I could
produce PDF file. But for me it's not clear how I would know in advance
which values should I place into testcase file to be checked during test

BTW - do you currently still support Junit v3.8.2 to be run with JDK 1.3.x?
Or you've already switched to Junit 4.1?

Thank you for anyone who will get me more light on this.


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