While some of you already told me that I should look through XSL-FO for
those calculations (Jeremias mentioned how I would get value of 14400) - I
still would like to ask you if you could point me to any document (probably
with several samples), which discusses that in more details.

I'm working on table auto layout feature right now (well, try to see if I
could help and if that help could be delivered in timely matter) and try to
understand first what is the goal of testcases and how are they prepared.
Very often values to be checked in them are blocks ipda/ipd. But in
table_table-layout_auto_1.xml.at.xml Area Tree file I could see that all 3
blocks under further check to be run over them have the same ipd="149181"
and ipda="151181", though different bpd/bpda/left-offset values. Should we
place for those different values instead in the testcase file? I'm a little
bit confused.

Any help would be appreciated.


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