Could you tell me why Fop doesn't do embeding font into ps output,
what's the difficult thing in doing do so or dev-team is just being busy
with other tasks ?


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>more code-related. I suggest you to subscribe to this list if you
>haven't already.)

>Nguyen, Thang a  crit :
> Now I'm drown in PostScript specification :), could you tell how or
where can I find
>documents on the way FOP uses font metric file & embeded font with pdf
ouput, and what's
>the current way of FOP deals with font metric file & post-script
output. I hope that someone
>can help me, it would be a lots more easier than looking at the source

>There is no particular documentation about how fonts are handled by
>apart from the page explaining how to configure custom fonts [1]. So
>you'll have to look at the source code. Unluckily for you, this area of
>the code is undergoing some heavy refactoring, as the current font
>library of Fop will soon be replaced with another one. That said, it
>doesn't prevent you from starting to study how the PS renderer should
> extended to support TrueType fonts.

>For any font-related issue the PS renderer will rely on the aXSL API
>[2]. So what would need to be done is to check that this API provides
>all the necessary informations for embedding a TrueType font in the
>rendered PS file. If so, then this is "only" a matter of writing the
>necessary aXSL method calls within the PS renderer and putting the
>needed postscript glue around the font informations.

If the API doesn't provide the necessary informations, then it will have
to be extended but we'll see that in a second step.

So I suggest you to start by having a look at the aXSL API, the code of
the PS renderer and the specifications of TrueType and Postscript. If
you have further questions then, just ask.



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