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> > Log:
> > code style
> > TAB characters
> > license headers...
> Sorry about that - sloppy work from me here.

No problem. Caught and fixed.

> I must admit that I hate checkstyle's rigid rules when they get in the
> way sometimes (where common sense would let you bend them creatively)

Same problem here. I still need to take the time once to improve the
configuration (or Checkstyle) to improve its usefulness.

> , but I'll do my best...and get Eclipse configured correctly on my new
> machine (iMac 17 inch core 2 duo - great value when combined with a
> second screen).

Nice. I still have to manually put process priority down a little each
time I start Eclipse (since 3.2) because otherwise I get hickups while
playing my MP3s. At some point I need a second processor core or a 25th
and 26th hour of a day to fix that bug in Eclipse.

Jeremias Maerki

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