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>We've spent most of the day going through the original XSL-FO
>requirements document [1] 

What I am missing there is something like a center-float for
horicontal floats (A middle-flow for the vertical position is
mentioned). What I mean is a horicontal float in the center of
the inline progression direction (with a property for the
distance from the starting edge, so it can be at any horicontal
position and not only at the absolute center) for pictures or
other boxes (blocks) with text floating around where the boxes
autmatically move in block progression direction with the text
they are ancored to.

Don't ashame me by saying this is covered by the existing spec in
any way I did not discover for now ;-)


>[1] http://www.w3.org/TR/WD-XSLReq

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