> I'd set the
> provisional-distance-between-starts property depending on the number of
> characters. You won't get the exact same effect but I think it should be
> near enough with little effort in XSLT and no hacking into FOP,
> introducing a feature that's difficult to implement and completely
> non-standard.

I can't achieve my goal in a stable matter with list blocks, cause
provisional-distance-between-starts value depends ahead of text length to be
used for label and having then same provisional-label-separation still
doesn't help to properly align text left.

Why such natural requirement of tab stops is not included in FO?

And another thought on fo:leader. There is nice feature of it like
leader-alignment="reference-area". The only enhancement needed for my case
is to have additional attribute for it like
right-align-at-nearest-tab="0.5in" instead of max=100% and then it should be
not so hard to calculate that position (I don't see any difference actually
with calculation case of max=100%).

What do you think?


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