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> On 24.11.2006 19:51:41 Vincent Hennebert wrote:
> > Hi guys,
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> > - it seems that the getNextKnuthElements method is meant to return each
> >    time a forced break is encountered. Is that a design requirement? Can
> >    I add that point to the method's javadoc?
> No, it's a bug (or rather an easy shortcut during the mind-boggling
> task of implementing table layout in the first place). I mentioned this before
> but I never got around to fixing it.

Originally that was a design requirement. getKnuthElements could only
return one list, which was interpreted as one paragraph or page
sequence. For the BlockLevelLMs that is still the case. The
InlineLevelLMs now return a list of lists, each of which represents a
paragraph or a sequence of inline blocks. Therefore they need not
return after a forced break, but it does not hurt if they do.

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