Bedin, Guilherme (R&D Brazil) wrote:

   I have been developing modifications on fop-0.25 to suite our need
for a couple of years. And now we are trying to move on and start to use
To start, I am trying to implement fo:flow-map support on the 0.92 code
(I am using the code from 11/23/2006).
Attached is a diff from fop-0.92 implementing fo:flow-map support and
one example. How is the process to integrate it?

Thanks for the Patch. The process to get it applied is documented here:

I notice that fop-0.92 only supports static-content for side regions and
one region-body with one flow. To use all the power of a flow-map we
need support more than one flow for one region-body, multiple
region-body and one or more flows on the side regions.

Yes I agree. Full support for Flow Maps would be a great addition to FOP :)

I want to known if someone has any idea on how to implement these things
in the current FOP approach? Is it difficult/possible?

I'll let one of the more active developers answer this.


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