On Friday 22 December 2006 18:27, Luca Furini wrote:
> Hi all
> I have a patch fixing bugs 41019 and 41121, for both trunk and float
> branch, and I'm wondering how it's best for me to proceed in order to
> avoid merging problems: should I change both trunk and branch, or
> just one of them?
> The patch is extremely simple and does not break any testcase: I only
> had to adjust the checks in a testcase because of the different line
> breaks. However, it adds some three lines to the TextLM, so maybe
> it's better if I wait for Simon to apply his unicode breaking
> changes?

I woulds think that the patch I just submitted may force you to redo 
your patch for trunk as most of my changes are in TextLM.

> I'm attaching the patches, just to let you see if they interfere with
> someone else's work-in-progress.
> (sorry for repeating what I wrote some time ago, but I have
> experienced some e-mail problems and I probably lost some messages)
> Regards
>     Luca

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