Hi all,

Since two replies I sent to Simon's posts seemed to end up in oblivion, I'll post it as a new message.

Concerns the following issue:

Uncertain status. The linked bug is resolved, but the description does
not match the description of the bug:
Omitting fo:table-column or having fo:table-column without a column-width
      and attempting to create columns implicitly from the first
table row is not implemented, yet (<a href="http:// issues.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=35656">Bugzilla #35656</a>).

Just had another look, and it currently only works correctly in case there is no column-spanning going on in any of the cells in the first row.

    <fo:table-cell width="2in" number-columns-spanned="2">

In this case, two implicit columns are created, but the cell's width is not yet distributed over the two columns.

I'll add a testcase demonstrating what still goes wrong, but the issue probably needs to put in a slightly different wording, indicating that it works apart from the above reservation.



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